25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

    25. Your favourite picture.

I went through all Eoin’s pictures in my folder and I have decided. THIS is my favourite photo XD Isn’t he adorable? Maybe a bit scary, but still cute :D His eyebrows are so funny and those eyes…ah, my Mr Cutie-pie (◡‿◡✿

I love you so much ;)

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

24. Your favourite personal look.

Ah, just look at him *__* The hair, the scarf and leather jacket, dark jeans, light sweater… his beautiful hand stuck in the pocket. I adore his look here XD I don’t think I need to say more :) Eoin, come to me! I will feed you cookies XP

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

     23. Your favourite gif(s).

Basically, any gif containing Eoin is my favourite XD I could put here every single gif I have…and that would be a long post. :DDD 

So, I decided to choose five gifs with text which I really love. First two gifs are mine :P, the other three I’ve found somewhere on tumblr and saved them to my folder. When you know who made them, just let me know and I will give them a credit ;) 

Oh…my favourite one of them all *giggling* I had to make it myself, because it seems that no one finds this moment so ASDFGHJKLKJHGFD as me XP

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

22. Your favourite website(s) and/or blog(s).


Well, what a fan would I be, if I didn’t like his official fansite? So, the first one is - 

Then I especially love the Eoin Macken Italian Page on facebook…. 

And last but not least…. Eoin’s personal blog on blogspot is one of the best blogs I’ve ever seen. Our man’s got the looks, but our man’s got the brains as well. Ah, such a talent XD

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25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

    21. Your least favourite photo.

I can’t decide which one of these is worse XP So, here you go…my two least favourite photos of Eoin :D

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

     20. A confession. 

Sometimes I wonder what would it feel like to wake up next to him. To feel his warmth, smell, his unshaved face scratching my cheeks, his strong arms around me… I imagine he would look so cute - sleepy eyes, gentle smile on his lips… and then he would kiss me, whispering sweet nothings to my ear… aaaaaaah. By the way, I’m completely normal, right? XD

But…but…just look at him!!! *___*

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

     19. Something you would say if you met him.

Hah, I would give him my homemade chocolate cookies and say: Here you go, Eoin. You said you wanted some cookies, so I made them for you. Don’t worry, I didn’t add narcotics or something like that, so I could kidnap you when you faint. Just enjoy them and have a nice day ! Could I hug you? :D

Well, now seriously. I don’t know what I’d say. I can tell you one thing, but if I really met him, I am sure I would start babbling something stupid or, most probably, I would want to dig a hole and hide in it XD

Photos - Eoin on the set

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

    18. What kind of film/TV show would you love him to direct.

You know how I love his work, especially Christian Blake. However, this time I would LOVE him to direct some comedy where he would play one particular character. Eoin the Interviewer. That awesome character is too perfect for only 23 minutes long video. He DESERVES his own film. Well, it doesn’t have to be a comedy, I would be happy with anything where he’d play that sarcastic demi-god with hipster glasses ;)

Hehehee, one of my favourite quotes from this interview ;)

"I think you should say something good to your fans, because they value you much higher than I do. So, make it… make it good. Snappy… it’d be great."

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

    17. A role of his you haven’t seen, but would like to.

I want to see one film he made a time ago - Dreaming for you, but not the short version which is available on youtube… the feature where Eoin plays a character called Adam. I want to see it so badly :( According to the trailer, I think this is a bloody good piece of work :)

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

     16. A role you would love to see him in.

Flynn Rider in new version of Tangled. Maybe it’s just me, but I think he looks just like Flynn XD <3<3<3

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

     15. Your favourite bromance.


Just look at them. How they stare at each other, how they like each other… They were perfect for each other. You may have some objections that they weren’t the real couple, but for me they DEFINITELY were an item. Merlin/Gwaine is my OTP from Merlin and you won’t persuade me I’m wrong when I ship a homosexual couple. For me it wasn’t about sex or anything. I love how they found understanding and how their friendship developed. The fact that it somehow disappeared in S4 is not relevant. 

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

     14. Your favourite romantic pairing.

Truth is that Gwaine wasn’t in a relationship in Merlin, so all ships are kind of platonic. Nah, whatever XP


Well, in the show it is probably some kind of  love/hate relationship. There’s nothing wrong about that. I SHIP THEM WITH THE FIST OF GOD!

The truth is that I ship them since episode S03E04, when Gwaine appeared for the first time. Because of one reason. I loved Morgana and I was kind of angry that she never had a love interest. Gwen got all the boys and my Morry nothing. So, Gwaine walked in and I my first thought was - here’s Morgana’s man! As a Morwaine shipper I had hard times…they even hadn’t met yet ! And then there were those last two episodes of S4. I was in heaven XD

Secretly, I hope they will have some more interaction in S4 and maybe one day, Gwaine will be the reason why Morgana would forget her revenge and settle down, finally. Imagine those children! :3

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

    13.  A favourite personal quote. 

"I rode a horse into a tree…. I did. But I’m okay. Horses are naturally meant to avoid trees. This one didn’t." - Eoin Macken, Digital Spy, GT Magazine photoshooting

Ah, see? This is why I love this man XD

25 Day Eoin Macken Challenge

    12. A favourite character quote.

Never satisfied, you city types. It’s too noisy, it’s too quiet…” - Gwaine, Merlin S03E12 The Coming of Arthur Part 1

Gwaine had so many amazing quotes - about nobility or his father/past, he had also quite a lot of funny lines. Nevertheless, I have to choose this one. I don’t know why, I just know that when I read what I have to post today, this appeared in my mind. Oh, and how I love his voice when he said that! XD A bit husky…and that tone !!! *faints* XD