"Women may not hit harder, but we hit lower."
— ancient proverb


keep your friends close and your laptop charger closer

Some nice pics from Wizard Con (x)


au where all the money i have in video games gets transferred into my bank account


there’s a special place in hell reserved just for me

it’s called the throne

Oh, yeah, you never do!




I thought mpreg was like a type of audio/video format and I googled it and well I am wrong. 

Eoin Macken, the star of breakout summer hit “The Night Shift”, talks to TV In No Time about his past as an underwear model for Abercrombie & Fitch, the time his grandma got in trouble for taking pictures of his racy in-store ads, and the acting advice he got from fellow TV doctor Eriq La Salle, via George Clooney.

I just found a video of Eoin looking hotter than ever. Will post soon. All buff and scruff.


theres a grief that cant be spoken

theres a pain goes on and on

empty chairs at empty tables

im not going to comic con

Eoin’s advert for Braun


With or without you beaaaard? With or without beard aaa haaaa…

I am in the mood to make many many gifs but school is blah :/ must find some free time to do so, because I havent made some for aaaaages -_-

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sometimes I think about my own character development

#it’s shit someone should fire my writers